Web Design

Your website has the potential to be the most powerful marketing tool for your business. We work with you to create a professional web presence, which will convey quality and authority in your field, and help you to realise your marketing goals.

We aim to do this by utilising several methods, including

  • Robust SEO set up to make your business easy to find
  • Quality Photography and Graphics
  • Social Media Set up for your digital marketing strategies
  • The Best CMS System available to help you add your own promotional content
  • The Best Blogging Platform for sharing your industry knowledge

We build your website with high resolution photographs and images to convey quality, and a clear pictorial description about your service or product. Your website with us will be SEO optimised with a clear framework or keywords to make it easy for your business to be found, and it will be fully integrated with Social Media for easy sharing and linking to your content.

The colours, graphics and imagery of your website is what creates the visual impact of your website upon your viewer. You want to convey quality, and a clear idea as to what your business is about. We can provide quality photography of your products, premises, events or more abstract images for your website’s graphic content. You may need a photo taken for your ‘about’ page, and one to use for your blogging or other social media avatars. This service is provided as standard with all websites which may desire this service.

Robust SEO
We will create a properly SEO optimised website for you, with a clear structure of keywords of all your main pages. This is to allow your website to rank at page 1 for both your business name, and your chosen keywords.

Your website is more than a billboard in cyberspace. It is a marketing vehicle designed to bring in business. Your website therefore needs to be built with your marketing plan in mind. Decide what you are selling/promoting, and the best way to sell it. Methods will include a professional looking site, quality images and photos, and well written copy.

It will also involve a layout to facilitate your ‘call to action’ message, a clear idea of what you want your potential client to do wen they get to your website.

Social media is so important that you can barely run a marketing program without it. The era of the hard sell is finished, with Facebook and Twitter everyone is a marketer, so you might as well understand this media and get on top ofit.People buy through making a personal connection with you or your message, because they can!

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