Mobile Phone Websites


Responsive websites for mobile phones and devices

mobile phone websites torquay, devonJust over half of all UK consumers (59%) now own a smartphone and this number is growing. Increasingly, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are used as mini computers on the go, enabling consumers to get directions, phone numbers, opening hours, price comparisons and more, and the demand for mobile phone websites is at an optimum.

At home, the portability of mobile devices means that users browse the internet on their sofas, kitchens, even in bed, changing consumer needs and expectations.

A third of all smartphone owners have used their device to buy a product on line according to recent studies, and the market is too big to ignore.

To stay ahead of this shift in consumer behavior, online businesses need to make sure their websites are optimised for mobile phones, making it easy for their customers to reach them via de-cluttered, streamlined mobile websites, with ‘click-to-call’ and ‘click-to-map’ features for increased ease of use.

With customers increasingly using their mobile phones and devices to access larger corporate businesses, many smaller businesses still do not have mobile optimised sites, and are missing out on profits.  Smartphones  and mobile device use is likely to continue to grow in popularity, and acting on this trend gives you, the business owner a distinct advantage over your competitors.

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