Ernesto Yerena Montejano Sticker Designs

A logo designed by internationally acclaimed artist Ernesto Yerena Monteyano is like branding by the Andy Warhol factory, his iconic style encomapasses the mass produced stencil art that abounds on graffitied streets and in edgy art galleries worldwide.

A collaborator and contemporary of street artist and entrepreneus Shepard Fairey, Ernesto is also based in California. His beautiful images feature in print and online art publications such as Juxtapose adn the Walrholian. Ernesto also exhibits and sells paintings and graphics worldwide.

The logo Ernesto designed for my business is contemporary and unique. The cut oout design and warm earth colours creae an original and easily recogniseable logo for my web design business.

The logo made into stickers has created an alternative to handing out business cards to potential clients. It also enables an unconventiaonal form of advertising, including leaving stickers in public areas, notice boards and wherever (legally) promotional material may be found.

A great design like this can go a long way to establish and promote a brand, and to inspire other promotional materials for your business, such as advertising or a website.

If you need some beautiful graphics or want to buy some art, you can contact Ernesto Here

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