7 Questions at the Start of your WordPress website build

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Clear communication between Client and Website Designer is key to the success of your business website.  Even before you hire anyone, make sure they have the capacity to understand you, and the business you are creating. Moreover, your designer should be interested in your business aims, and here are 7 things they may be asking you at the Start of your WordPress website build. (if not, then tell them anyway !)

1) Tell me about your Business

Your designer should be clear about exactly what you do from the outset, What is your product or service, how do you want to convey your business online. Make sure you are on the same page. Its a good start.

2) What are the Priorities for the website you want ?

Are your priorities to have a website at a low cost, or do you want full customisation which may take longer to produce? Do you want to easily manage and change your own website content ? Is it important to rank on the first page of Google from the start? Is the main purpose of the website to provide contact information to customers using mobile devices? Or perhaps you want to provide written, or visual content that they can read at their leisure. The answer is likely to be a combination, but it will be very helpful to determine the main purpose from the start of the build.

3) Who is your Customer ?

And just as importantly, who is NOT your customer ? What is their location, age, economic bracket, what are their interests and influences? How do you want to appeal to these customers by creating a style and user experience which is most suitable for them?

4) What Information do you want to convey with your website ?

This could be a description of your services, a little background info about who you are, and the aims of your business, as well as the details about your serice or product, and graphics or images of these.  It will include contact and location details if appropriate, perhaps news and special offers you may be advertising.  How many pages will your website need, and what should the titles of the pages be? Do you want to offer free value; industry specific tips, videos or downloads?

5) What Software will you need on your site?

You may require a Gallery or slideshow, price calculators, contact forms, social networking software, location maps, as well as SEO, Security software. How do you want to place these on your website?

6) What sort of Material will you provide ?

Will you provide your own photography, graphics, logo, video, copy ? If not, then discuss alternate ways of sourcing content, and copy.

7) What is the ‘Tone’ you want to convey to the visitor on your website ?

Is the look and  feel of your site casual or formal, modern or traditional, relaxed or professional, youthful or more suitable for a mature audience? Have you considered a colour scheme, style of artwork, whether to add animation or special effects..

Additionally, you may want to provide links and images of websites, typography, layouts and features of websites that appeal to you. This, together with clear, specific communication with your designer, right from the start of your WordPress website build, will ensure that your requirements are understood and realised.

If you would like to discuss a website build for your business, please contact me here. I would be happy to help!

* Original Painting in above illustration is by American artist Frederick Remington


11 thoughts on “7 Questions at the Start of your WordPress website build

  1. I’m contemplating either a move to WP or actually creating a new blog on WP. Everything is still in the planning stages, for now. This post adds to the list of important points to cover. Thanks, Jana!

  2. As a former web designer, these are definitely critical questions. Too often there are designers that will just throw something up that REALLY doesn’t fit the clients needs. It’s awesome that you take the time to find out. via UBC.

  3. This was great. I’m very impressed with the questions. So many people do not see that deeply into what is necessary to hit the right demographic and you take that very seriously.
    I can see you would be an excellent communicator with your clients. And I really look for that.

  4. Jana – Nice connecting with you via the UBC. I have two blogs on WP self-hosted – one of which I’ve entered for the UBC. I recently acquired Genisis for that blog too and I’m keeping it to the simple Georgia theme. I’m a non-techie person who loves playing around with my blogs.
    I like the questions you’ve listed here. I’m going to bookmark your site to direct others to who might be looking for assistance to it.

    1. Thanks Corinne, Genesis is a great WP theme, one of the better ones. Yes, settings website requirements and expectations out at the start does make things easier for both sides of the project, and at least gives a good starting point to work from !

  5. Great post! I like these concepts a lot. Quick question, and I hope this isn’t too off topic, what are you using for your related post plugin?

    1. Thank you Raymond ! I am using ‘Related Post Thumbnails’, a WordPress Plugin. Nice to have an image as well as link for similar articles!

      1. It sure is. Thank you for sharing the name of that plugin I am redoing my blog in WordPress at the moment so I am getting things all set up in the WP way 🙂

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