7 Questions at the Start of a Website Build

As a business owner, you know that you need an online website representation of your business. When it comes to more specific requirements for your website, it is important to be quite clear about what your goals and what you want and need.

You want to present your services or business in the best light, and clarity in expressing your own preferences regarding this are the key to your satisfaction in the end.

You may already have an idea as to the style, tone and voice that you want to convey, the purpose that you want to achieve, and the way to get this across is by asking some relevant questions.

When you contact us for a free consultation, we will start with by filling out a website brief which will give everyone a much better idea as to the best way to go forward with the design of your website. This can be done in person, phone or it can be done online.

Here is a starting point, some questions you may want to consider at the start of your website build.

1. What is the purpose for your website ?

This is the first and most important question, you want to be clear about what you want to achieve with your online presence. How will you, your business, your service benefit from a new website or a redesign?

Your website will lend credibility and authority to your business, it will add professionalism, and make it easy to see the services you offer. It will make your business searchable; when customers search certain phrases on Google for example, your business and contact details will come up. This is turn will increase revenue and grow your business.

You may want to increase traffic to your website, to share blogs, photography, artwork, to increase awareness, or to entertain.

Once you are clear about your goals, we are in a much better position to design a site that looks great, and achieves your goals too.

2. Who are your primary audience and target visitors?

In order to maximise the benefits and effectiveness of your Website, it is important to know who it is you are trying to reach. Are they younger or older ? Are they business owners, professionals, students, parents ?

Will the visitors to your webste already know something about you, your business, or will they have reached your website through a Facebook post or the recommendation of a friend ? What kind of actions do you want them to do when they get to your website ?

Do you want them to buy a product, request a quote, subscribe to a newsletter, click on an advertisement, download an E-book ?

You may have preferences as to how your existing or potential clients should contact you. This can be by phone, contact or booking form, visiting your premises, your event and so on..

Maybe you want to build up an audience and a following for a creative or informative endeavour. This can be to raise an awareness for a cause, a charitable service. It can be a blog on a topic of interest, or a creative, artistic endeavor to edify and entertain.

Being aware about who your target audience is, will make it easier to build a site that meets your needs, as well as that of your customers.

3. What content do you need, and what content do you already have?

Your website will need content; both written text, images, a logo. You may want to add videos, image galleries, sliders, audio players.. You may have considered what pages you would like on your wesbite, and some of the keywords you want to be searched and found for. These can form some of the titles for your pages, and headings/subheadings for your written website content.

Have you thought about how often you will add to your content; this may be in the form of blogs, or if you prefer a static website, without adding or chaning too much about it over time.

The answer to these questions will determine the sort of layout you will need for your website.

4 What impact/style should your website convey ?

The style of your website will tell your viewers a lot about you, and your business. It will tell your customer whether your (ie hairdressing salon) is mainly for a younger or older clientelle, family friendly or more formal, whether it caters to both men and women. It will convey whether it is a luxury establishment, or a fast in/out sort of place, which offers great prices.

Consider the colours you want to use on your website, and how that may set a tone and mood. If you already have a logo, it will provide a good starting point for your colour scheme.

You want to project a professional approach to all of your services, and being aware of the imapact your website conveys is a great advantage to you.

Another good strategy is to consider some websites that you may have seen, and that you like the look of. Google similar businesses to yours, but out of your area, perhaps in another part of the world. You can see the styling used there, decide whatyou do and dont like about those sites. Of course you will not want to duplicate existing wesbites of similar busiesses in your own area, although it is definitely a good idea to be informed about the competition in your area, and see what you can do better, or differently.

5. Who is your competition, and how do they present their business on line ? What can you do better ?

Doing some online research about your competitors is very useful to plotting out a strategy for your marketing plan. What is their website presence ? Looking at their content, what are the strenghts that their website conveys, what could they do better ? What is their target audience, what products/services do they offer, how do they advertise their services ? Do they post offers, industry news, helpful tips to theit customers ? What do you know you can do better that they ?

6. Have you considered or bought your domain, and your website hosting ?

A good, reliable website host is essential to the short and long term successof your website. The internet is a fast changing world, and the purpose of your website host, is to keep all the files of your website safe and secure. A good host will back your site up on a regular basis, and can recover it in the event of the unthinkable.

Choose a large reputable company, they are likely to be open 24 hours a day, and less likely to fall ill or go on holiday when you need them most.

7. What is the marketing plan you will utilise for your website, to increase awareness and revenue ?

Your website is your best marketing tool; it is an online representation of your business, and allows viewers to see what you do, and who you are.

You will be able to achieve this by adding new content (blogging, or posting news items, offers and so on. You may choose to add links from your website pages to your social media sites, in order to encourage customers to visit your website and drive traffic. You may set up a campaign with Google Ads, or in print, radio, or televison advertising. Search engine optimisation will brng new traffic to your website from Google searches. At J Sebastian Web Design, all of the websites we create are fully and robustly optimised, for maximimal results for you.


If you are considering working with us, please contact us for a free 1 hour consultation. We will go through your business aims together, and set out a plan to best achieve them.

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