WordPress for your Business Website

Wordpress Web Design for your business website

Looking for a fully featured business website to help power your brand and online presence? Here’s what you need to know about WordPress for your business.

  •  You are in great company

WordPress is used by millions around the world, and is one of the most widely used web creation tools available today. It powers 14.7% of the top 1k websites around the world, including Ebay, Sony, Samsung, Playstation, Volkswagen, the New York Times, BBC’s Top Gear, as well as Torbay’s Outset website.  An estimated 20-25% of all new websites built in 2012 were built on WordPress and these included everything from large corporate sites to simple blogs, and everything in between.

  •  Easy to edit, add content

Choose WordPress (.org not .com) and you website will grow with you, indefinitely. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) which allows you to make changes easily. Once it is set up, and with minimal technical skill, you can change photos and other media, add text or post news, promotions etc..  It is really as easy as adding content to Facebook. You have full control of your own website, to make changes yourself or appoint someone else to make them for you.

  •  Secure and Trustworthy

WordPress is an open source platform, comprising a large and active community of coders and programmers. In all, more than 20,000 people make a living with WordPress, as consultants, designers and developers, creating add-ons, plug-ins and new themes. They are also in a great position to spot bugs as they occur, and create bug fixes, patches and extensions early on.  The WordPress core is also extremely secure. Combined with secure hosting and good passwords, WordPress security protocol is one of the best available.

  •  Great for SEO

WordPress is built with highly interactive capabilities, which include its blogging platform, link structure and comment boxes. Setting up a blog encourages increased interaction in the WP community, and ‘sharing’  your blog posts on other social networks, increases your audience. Blogging establishes you as an expert in your field, and gives you authority in your niche. You do not need to blog however, there are also purpose built SEO ‘plug ins’ which you can employ to increase your search engine rankings, as well as plug-ins for social media, allowing your audience to find you.

  •  Versatile

WordPress is used for e-commerce, corporate sites, businesses large or small, personal or community websites and all of those who want a simple solution for their on-line requirements.  It is a rich online publishing tool, built with PHP, and allows for total customisation, of all aspects and elements of your site.  Unlike static Html sites with non-dynamic pages, you do not need to re-program and recode entire site to add software and features, you can use WP plug ins instead.

  •  Plug ins

WordPress offers more than 19,000 plug ins for your website. These can be used for contact boxes, slideshows and galleries, e-commerce features,  Social Media, You-Tube connectivity, stats and survey boxes, SEO, security, etc.. These can be set up and configured with much more ease and versatility than re-programming and re-testing existing code of your site.

  • Price

Last but not least.  WordPress for your business website  is the ultimate choice and  best value. You have probably seen businesses who have had websites built relatively cheaply, and then found them to be too limiting when their business needs evolve.  Or those who have had a bespoke coded site designed, and would like to reduce high maintenance fees.    Re-designing websites you are not happy with is generally much more costly and time consuming than building a new site altogether, so research and an informed decision from the outset will save time and money later.

If you would like to find out more, or speak to us about setting up WordPress for your business, please contact us here.  We would be pleased to hear from you !




By Jana Sebastian

20 thoughts on “WordPress for your Business Website

  1. this is great information. It’s been a slight challenge working with wordpress for me, but I believe it’s teh best platform. I do have another website that I want to bring into wordpress, is that possible without rdesigning the whole thing?

  2. WordPress may need to do some education about the “website” portion of their business as many are turned off thinking, I don’t want to just blog.

  3. My site is now completely a WordPress site. It’s so easy to use which takes a lot of stress away from me having to find someone to make my many changes!

  4. I use WordPress for my blog but I have a custom built website. I’m working on starting another business and will definitely be using WordPress as the website.

    1. yes , good choice 🙂 if you set it up on WordPress.org (not WordPress.com) you can have a fully functioning website, to which you can add custom features and upgrades indefinitely !

    1. Hi Tina, just had a quick look at your website; you have a domain with GoDaddy, and it should be straight-forward to move it to WordPress. It really is a much better platform, as this whole area is changing at such a fast rate, and it is to your advantage to start with a system which will be able to keep up with the changes. Responsive sites are now the way forward and it is a fact, that most people will never see your site on a PC. Most people, esp the under 35s, all use mobile devices to access the internet, and WordPress does some responsive themes. If you do make the switch, keep in touch, as i am happy to offer help or advice if needed, Jana

  5. I’ve been with WP since I started my first blog years ago. It was an easy choice to go with WP when I decided to build TransformingMonday. I really didn’t know that many big names used WP as their framework…

  6. Now I understand what Dov was trying to tell me about wordpress blogs being a website. I asked at godaddy yesterday and they told me blogs will never replace websites, but when I was setting up the wordpress with them I saw “website” and I got all excited! I think I’m going to have to check into this. Thanks.

    1. Fred i had a look at your site ‘Extreme Ethics’ is that the site you are referring to? Did you build it, and do you have access to the content management end? I am happy to help or advise if I can, you can FB me if you like 🙂

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